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The Winery


The best white wines available in our wine shop are diversified in relation to the great variety of vines, winemaking processes and the quantities of sugar they are present in. Often, tasting these wines, you will feel a fresh aroma of flowers and fruits, typical of whites. These wines have peculiarities that make each bottle unique, until it mixes notes that are delicately bound with aromatic herbs and mint, such as mint, lavender and fennel. They are whites that give a lively explosion of nuances to your taste buds, which can often be combined - precisely for these freshness characteristics - with crustaceans and fish. Fine or cheap white wines, telling their country of origin, enriching the culinary journey of the diners.


In our wine cellar you can find the best Italian and foreign reds, ideal to accompany style and elegance to all day dinners or important events. Each red wine hides an entire world made of vines, pedoclimatic areas, cellar practices and different production philosophies, making each bottle unique. There are wine types from particularly well-known areas such as the Piedmontese, Tuscan and French red wines that rival for elegance and aging potential, and other semi-known niche wines, with exceptional peculiarities, that can tell the terroir of small valuable wine areas. And how, like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, you think that ``Life is too short to drink mediocre wines``, choose some very famous Italian red wines to go safely, or let yourself be conquered by some of our foreign wine selections, which bring you towards far lands.


The sparkling wine born as the king of the aperitif, is a rite that has taken hold internationally, although its imprint remains typically Italian. Produced by a thousand shades, the sparkling prosecco is a versatile wine, which lends itself with pleasant lightness from appetizers to sweets. The sparkling prosecco gives a sparkle of energy to our taste buds, leaving an intense aromatic persistence of flavor on the palate throughout the dinner, almost accompanying us in our culinary journey. Any kind of prosecco can easily reconcile with the foods, thanks to its distinct yet invasive personality, giving smiles to all the guests. And the Beautiful Country has also said it about sparkling wines: Italian sparkling wines can not be missed in your homes, to make special all the important occasions, festivities and any time you deserve to be remembered. Its sparkling yet soft nature, its effervescence and its acidity create a great blend and synergy that make it loved by everyone.


If you love the distillates you are in the ideal section where to find the best Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, Grappe and other precious products for sale online. Each distillate represents a world of its own for raw materials, history, aromas and taste: the best rums come from the Caribbean, distilled from sugar cane; the refined Cognac and Armagnac from France, produced by the distillation of wine, while the Italian Grappa comes from strawberries. Whiskey and Gin originate from the distillation of cereals, mainly produced in Anglo-Saxon countries, while Calvados is an apple or pearl crab extract produced in Normandy. Vodka, on the other hand, is obtained from at least three distillates of fermented potatoes and cereals, followed by repeated filtration which crystallises the product.